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16 March 2008


Sunrise. The weatherpeople predicted 50 degrees and rainy today. Unfortunate. What will we do?

First, we will discuss how the TSA no doubt not only "inspected" Her Majesty of Cannondale, but also how they no doubt did wheelies in the back room of the San Diego airport on her. Violation. Violation.

Apparently, San Diego weatherpeople are frequently wrong. This is good because the 50-degree, rainy day turned into a 60-degree sunny day. Know what's wrong with a 60-degree sunny day when you have all day to ride your bike and tons of roads to do it on? NOTHING! This is a picture of an ostrich, by the way. Ostriches eat pasty midwesterners, so I kept my distance.

There are canyons out here. They are deep. Writers: Use the phrase "deep as a canyon" as frequently as you can.

Gerard. Resident picture taker.

This was an important view when I was riding past it, but now I can't remember what its importance was. Oh yeah! IT'S 60 DEGREES AND SUNNY AND HER MAJESTY AND I HAVE TONS OF ROADS TO EXPLORE!