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28 March 2008


Alert Power Love readers know that we are all about the public service announcement here at Team Power Love.

In consequentlyness, those of you in Chicago have more than likely noticed the weather. Little bit of snow. Little bit of wind. The only thing missing is frozen nose hairs. But hey! You never know. Maybe we'll get lucky once April comes. Anything is possible!!

If you, like me, spend time looking out the window and cursing the world, nature, life in general, and every single human being that breathes, you probably need some help. Help is here!

First, you'll need the following items:
1. Double-sided tape
2. The ability to double click on the left side of your computer's mouse
3. Eyeballs

Second, do this:
1. Place a strip of double-sided tape on the tip of your nose
2. Click the picture above to enlarge it
3. Place your nose firmly on your computer screen
4. Stay like that until July

Okay, voila! There you are in sunny California!! Those tall things lining the road are called PALM TREES. You're not familiar with them because they only grow in places that actually have sunshine, which, as you know, Chicago does not.

Hope you enjoy your stay in sunny California! See you in July!