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24 July 2008

Awesome Vacation Experience #4567

1. Go to Violet.

This is Violet, outside. It's really pretty.

2. Eat the chicken lollipop meal.

It's chicken! It's a lollipop! Or, really, it's a chicken puffy pastry thing with a bone in it that looks like an upside down lollipop. I strongly suggest you do not pick it up and wave it around like a real lollipop, though, because the puffy pastry thing is a bit top heavy and therefore falls to the ground very quickly if you wave it around like you would with a Tootsie Roll tootsie pop--you know, like when you're trying to make a point and so you use your lollipop to punctuate your sentences and you feel vaguely like Telly Savalas and then you realize you should start being a very suave, very tough private investigator who can make a lollipop seem tough and then you realize you have no interest in solving crimes because that's a segment of society that perhaps you'd prefer not to associate with, though it would be really cool to have a 70s muscle car, but did Kojak have a muscle car? And that, friends, is what the Google is for.

3. Take a picture of yourself in the bathroom of said awesome restaurant and make sure to get that artwork!

Oh, wait, can't see that cool artwork? Yeah, that's because someone needs a haircut, but kinda I don't want to get one because soon my hair will be able to double as a rug and you may be laughing at it now, but wait until winter when I am all warm and cozy with my rug hair. WE'LL SEE WHO'S LAUGHING THEN!