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17 July 2008


OK, hey! So—I wrote this story about getting high in an alley when I was a messenger, which is HIGHLY (ha!) fictionalized (not really), OF COURSE, because who would be so silly to get high in an alley? Right? Right? As it turns out, the cops don’t like it when you do this. But anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is, I wrote this story and then Margot the Marvelous and Cassy the Classy, directors extraordinaire, put my story into a large, jewel-encrusted bag with some other stories and cool actors and VOILA! A play! This play will open July 25 and run for a very short time, so I strongly suggest you go get yourself some tickets and then actually go to the play, because it is really well done, my felonious exploits notwithstanding. More information and tix here.