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07 November 2008


Everything on the East Coast is red.

Not really. My camera just took pictures of only red things. It has this thing for redheads, my camera. It's like, I point it at something not red--like the foam in the fountain in the square, which is white, and it won't click. But when we were in New Hampshire, it was all, clickety clickety clickety.

These trees are really red. You can't really see it in this picture, but that is because I am an ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHER, which is the cool arty thing to be nowadays, in case you were wondering. For the record, another cool thing about the East Coast is: THEY HAVE PAVED ROADS. This makes driving very easy. Excellent.

Serendipity Company Members: I spotted this awning. It was being used at the time, but I stole it anyway. Now, we have a tent for LOLLAPALOOZA! I mean, am I the very picture of fiscal responsibility OR WHAT???