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17 December 2008


Well, last weekend, we went to New York. As you may know, Alert Power Love Reader, New York is very New York. The most important thing you need to know about New York is that people from Long Island say, "New Yawrk" and "Lawng Island." Here are some philosophical insights to keep you engaged while I figure out how to write about the weekend:

This is a lamp.

This is the Long Island Railroad (LIRR). It stopped for 565 days just before Penn Station because of a trespasser on the tracks. They cut the power to the third rail. Everyone on the train aged quickly. Also, I missed my Broadway debut. Unfortunate.

Margot has an iPhone. It's addictive. Like crack. It's a crack phone. iCrack.

At 2am, it's somewhat difficult to maintain the cool, business-like demeanor for which I am famous. However, with the help of my crooked hat, I was able to do so. This picture was taken right before my limo arrived to drive us to Manhattan. Public transportation is great and all, but really, I'm just not used to it.