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11 December 2008


In today's episode, we are once again obscenely early for a flight. So, I've decided to sit by the gate where peeps are going to Archibald. Or maybe Norfolk? I can't really see the sign. Also, it's in Mandarin. Odd. Anyway, the customer that was just called to the desk is named Gucci so I, quite rightly, jumped up and said, "I LOVE YOUR SHOES!" Unfortunately, customer Gucci was not the shoe/designer person/fashion house; customer Gucci was a small woman with wobbly legs and gray hair and a very nervous look about her. Undeterred, I said, "THE GLADIATOR SHOES FROM LAST SEASON WERE TO DIE FOR!" Well, do you know what she did? She huffed at me! I am not making this up. And then she proceeded to the delineated area and was helped by an airline personnel person WHO ALSO HUFFED AT ME. And do you know what lesson I took away from this, Alert Power Love reader? That perhaps the Gucci gladiators were from TWO seasons ago. I am aghast.