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12 March 2007


Guess what's coming?? SUMMER!!! To celebrate, Team Power Love embarked on its first outdoor Midwestern ride. The sun was shining! The wind was a gentle breath! The air was warm like a sweet kiss.

OK, not really. It was a wee bit chilly and somewhat windy, as will happen when riding through flat, open prairie lands. HOWEVER, that did nothing to dampen the feeling of absolute FREAKERY that is ours now that SPRING IS HERE and riding of the bicycles can BEGIN IN EARNEST!

Neil says, "Yo. Summer! Bring it!" Neil is very street.

Look! A tunnel. The best thing to do while riding through a tunnel is to sing a Genesis song. The acoustics are great and your riding companions will be so inspired by your voice carrying through the tunnel that they will instantly go faster. It'll be like a sprint and you will be very happy when you finally catch up to them because you will know that you are responsible for your friends getting in a really, really good workout. That's what friendship is all about.

After the ride, Team Power love conveniently forgot the camera because using up a bunch of energy and not eating much after makes your brain short circuit. But, we went to see Super Andy at his CD release party where he sang jazz songs and played jazz songs with his super excellent band and all the while, I know, he was thinking, "Jazz--it's okay, but I'd rather be playing 'Freebird.'" And seriously, who wouldn't?

Then to 2nd Story, where storytellers told stories and wine drinkers drank wine. No pics of this either. But alert Power Love readers already know that it was a great night. Check out the new
2nd Story website. So cool. So hot. So relevant.

Sun's up. Go grab the day, humans.