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15 March 2007

So Megan tags me for this survey thingy, like, about ten years ago, no, maybe even forty years ago, maybe even before the interwebnets were invented, and I've been sitting around, dragging my feet, not responding. I think there is a backwards statute of limitations on nonresponses in interwebnet land wherein you are penalized webly if you don't do something within a certain amount of time.

So I was in the shower where I get all my great ideas because in the shower I am surrounded by various body washes--lavendar, fresh aloe, eucalyptus--and many of those scrunchy thingys that are like soft sponges which allegedly clean and exfoliate and right now I have a white one and a green one and next to my pink wash cloth it looks very fresh and crisp and not too hyper Kate Spade East Coast blue blood prepitudinal, which is a demographic that makes me feel the same way I do when I get snow stuck in my boot and I know it'll melt before I get to shake it loose, and I like the colors of my scrunchy thingys, they relax me, and then it came to me.

I don't want to answer the survey questionnaire thingy because all that personal information is already all over Power Love, but you have to dig for it, which is the way I like it. And more importantly, I don't want to talk about my best friends in high school. One in particular. But I will tell you all about him on this night. So, buy your tickets now!

There are a few recurring questions in the survey questionnaire thingy and I would like to address those thusly:
1. I have three tattoos. They each have a story behind them. I'm not going to tell these stories because they're for me.
2. I have two piercings, one in each ear. The key words you need to know for the piercings are: middle school, sterilized safety pin, potato, stolen whiskey.