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29 April 2006

Rebuilding Together (re-BILL-ding too-GETH-er): nonprofit organization that fixes up houses that need fixing up. Today we fixed up Ms. Lacey's home.

Best quote of the day: Ms. Lacey, "Baby, life is good." Then she gave me a big hug. It was awesome.

Me and Du, we can paint. And we're fun at parties.

28 April 2006

John: I love riding my bike.
Ginger: I have no pupils.
John: Yes you do. Kim just can't figure
out how to use a digital camera.

27 April 2006


Here's where the magic happens:

Yes, that is a dead snowman pinned to my cubicle wall.

Dan is the Barista Supremo.

He is also the master planner of CoffeeSnobs, our secret coffee club that drinks secret good coffee from a secret source. This is how we maintain our pleasant outlooks and our jedi-sharp minds.

Jennifer is standing on the terrace of our penthouse office.

Those are tulips. We have them randomly spread throughout our office. That's how we maintain such hyper-stratospherically elevated morale.

26 April 2006

Jeff. Sometimes you end up with people in your life that you know you are just damn lucky to be around. Such is the case with Jeff. See also: top-notch human, high-quality friend, bar-raiser for humanity.

By the way, there is no alcohol use here, folks. We're just high on life.

25 April 2006

Her Majesty of Cannondale. Power love, indeed.