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29 May 2008

Alert Power Love Reader, this is 2D. 2D, this is Alert Power Love Reader. You're gonna love each other.
Last night: 2D Launch Party, Red Kiva.
I took multiple pictures of the same thing because I am 1.) in love with this collection of 2nd Story stories; 2.) in love with the fact that Byron and I worked our asses off on this thing; and 3.) had an itchy trigger finger and luckily, instead of holding a water gun, I was holding a camera and now, instead of everyone being soaked, they are just permanently trapped in picture form on Power Love, and possibly, they may have already had their souls stolen, and so here we are.
2D is free, if you can believe it. If you want a copy of it, all you have to do is find me and my car, in the trunk of which sits about 5 boxes of the glorious 2D and which I will be driving to alleys throughout Chicago, selling free copies, like selling fake designer handbags, but with less smoking. Cigarette smoking. And no money exchanges. Although fancy coffee drinks would be appreciated, I mean, do you know how cold it can get standing around in an alley, waiting to sell free copies of 2D to people?

So during the evening last night, we were treated to some fine storytelling and some fine music and the wine flowed and the smiles ran rampant and it was an altogether excellent way to spend time.
And everyone wore black. I don't know why.

28 May 2008


Tomorrow, I will formally introduce you to 2D. “What is 2D, Kim?” you may wonder. Well, Alert Power Love Reader, 2D is the publication that 2nd Story publishes and our first issue is currently and gorgeously languishing in the trunk of my car.

But tonight it will be languishing at Red Kiva because:


Be there to hear some wonderful storytellers tell some wonderful stories and also PICK UP A FREE COPY OF 2D, STORIES FROM 2ND STORY.

The only way this could be awesomer is if 2D were covered in chocolate. Mmmmm…chocolate

More show info here.

22 May 2008


OK—here’s the 411, yo. I am going to go for a bicycle ride on Saturday, June 21. Then I’m going to go for another bicycle ride on Sunday, June 22. The bicycle ride I am going to go on is called the 27th Anniversary MS 150 Tour de Farms. If you will donate money on my homepage for the event, that would be cool. Apparently, the MS folks are going to make a giant MS-killing monster out of money, or maybe they said papier mache, yes, I think that’s what they said—a papier mache monster that walks up to people with MS and reaches right into their insides (skin and muscle be damned), clutches the MS swirling around, yanks, and pulls it out. Then, poof! No more MS. Papier mache MS-killing monsters are all the rage right now in Europe, particularly in Paris, where people have been known to ride their velibs about town with papier mache MS-killing monsters, sometimes sitting in the front basket, sometimes riding side saddle, and they are very hip. So, if you could donate a few bucks to this cause, that would be great. Papier mache is not cheap.

Donate here.

In addition and forthwith, no less than the likes of 2nd Story rock stars will be telling stories at The Spot on June 5, 2008 to fundraise for this event. This is not a lie. I’m going to tell “Crash Stories.” Shiow is gonna read, too. So is Aimee Perkins. So is Doug Whippo. People, this will be high-octane fun. It would be high-octane awesome if you joined us.

Info here.

20 May 2008


Location: Brookfield Zoo

Elite-level racing knows no bounds when it comes to recruitment. In today's episode of As the Chain Rusts, we find our lovable racers trying to recruit new racers to The Team.
This is a PR pic of The Team--we're gearing up for a talk on the importance of proper nutrition.

In a fit of hyperbolic inspiration, The Team decided that snow leopards would make for great teammates. Snow leopards, as every serious cyclist knows, love the cyclery sports. It's the hand-paw coordination thing--it's thrilling to a snow leopard. Anyway, snow leopards live at Brookfield Zoo, so we went over to ask if the snow leopards would be interested in racing with us this year.

The dolphins tried to audition for us. No shame, those dolphins. They were kinda flirty, if you must know. It was embarrassing.

But we can't accept dolphins on The Team. This is because all racers are obligated to wear helmets and as every serious cyclist knows, dolphins hate head gear.

A flurry of phone calls to agents. Snow leopards don't talk to just anyone, you know.

Gary makes a last ditch phone call that saves the day.

So now we have snow leopards on the team, but frankly, they're a bit standoffish. They refuse to pose for pictures, which is weird.

08 May 2008

I lie. But what I say is true.

05 May 2008

Remember in January when it was 30 degrees below zero and the wind was hauling ass at about 25mph and the arctic wind gusts would slap you in the face so hard your eyeballs would start watering and then you'd go to wipe your face but realize that your watering eyes just froze and so you were stuck with an ice face for the rest of the day or until you at least found heat. And remember how your eyelashes were heavy from the icicles that instantaneously formed on them and then you went to blow your nose, but your nose hairs had already froze, which caused a problem with forward momentum and so your stuffed-up nose backfired, which resulted in your brain being blown into a million pieces, which ended up shooting out of your ears, at which point your million-pieced brain landed in a snow bank and was promptly misdiagnosed as a member of the snow bank brigade and then quickly scooped up by the city's crack team of streets and san snow plows, then taken to a landfill, where your brain was tossed, unceremoniously, into a pile with other waste and detritus.

Today is not like that.

01 May 2008


I wrote a new story! I'm gonna tell it on Saturday! You should come! It'll be a great night! There won't be this many exclamation points there as there are here, though! No disresepct to exclamation points! More info here!