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22 August 2008


21 August 2008


I've learned a few lessons while trying to grapple with A Life Curveball, and I would now like to share those with you, Alert Power Love Reader:

1. Painkillers are awesome
2. When you look out into your future and it seems much, much dimmer than you thought it would be, maximize time with people who make you laugh
3. As seen in the pictures below, my forehead serves two purposes: a.) It's a forehead; b.) It's a beacon in the night for ships lost at sea
4. Wear shiny clothes

Supporting Evidence for the Preceeding Can Be Found Here:

Margot, Doug, and I are Very Serious. Except I was kinda cracking up. But anyway, we were supposed to be serious because we were at a play in which there were zombies. We survived by using our cunning and skill, which involved shrinking like violets in the corner when the zombies tried to eat our heads. Also, I emptied my head before I went to the play, so really, in zombie terms, that's just empty calories. As every serious zombie knows, empty calories do not help you when you are on a zombie rampage. Please note Margot's patch. It's a zombie survival patch. I'm gonna call it a zombie zervival patch, though, because I like alliteration.

These people. If you are ever in a situation where you need to smash yourself into the back seat of a car, you want to make sure these are the people you're with. Doing so will make you remember how to smile.

11 August 2008


This is Lovenox. Prefilled syringe. 60mg. What you do is—you squeeze an inch of skin and, after wiping it with an alcohol pad, you hold the syringe like a dart and stick it straight into your inch-grabbed epidermis. Then you push the plunger down, all the way, until the syringe is empty. Then you pull it out of your skin, push the excess Lovenox out of the needle, and then, in a brilliant design of technological wonder, keep pushing the plunger until a plastic safety case automatically pops up around the needle. Dispense the syringe into the container the docs gave you because they’ll dispose of your used needles for you. You shouldn’t toss used needles in any old regular garbage. That’s dangerous.

Lovenox is like bionic Coumadin. It starts working on newly-formed blood clots within two hours, as opposed to Coumadin, which takes a few days to build up in your system. I’m not a big fan of sticking a needle in myself, but I don’t like newly-formed blood clots, and since I have one, I’d prefer to control it right away. I’ve learned that it’s important to establish your territory with these blood clot bastards. They’ll take over if you let them.

If you’re keeping score at home, this is the second blood clot in a year that’s moved in with me. At least this one had the decency to move into my right leg, instead of my left, so now both of my legs swell and they finally look like they belong together. Before Blood Clot #2: This Time It’s Personal, it looked like one leg was mine and like I borrowed the other one from someone else. Someone else with cankles.

Blood clots are tough motherfuckers. Living with them is exhausting.

09 August 2008


Storytelling, from a fan's point of view, is awesome. Usually I'm doing something at storytelling events, besides being a fan, like taking people's money or telling them where I think an ATM is or listening for the way the storyteller rewrote the story or how she's applying gestures to a story I had only seen before on the page.

As alert Power Love readers know, Margot doesn't stop moving. In order to hang out with her, you also have to not stop moving. Hanging out with Margot is like progressing through the ranks of activity. At some point in my future, I hope to master Margot's patented Bus Catch, which involves flying across an intersection like a cheetah, jumping onto the stairs of the bus whose doors are quickly closing, then holding the door open for us, smilling while hanging on. THAT is something no average human can pull off. It will take training.

Anyway, we saw various forms of storytelling the other evening--the awesomest of which was SooBob and Khanisha commanding a room of nonlisteners, turning them into listeners, and totally enchanting everyone.

It was reeeeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy excellent.

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