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23 June 2009

Chicago Love

18 June 2009

Live Blogging: Kickball

Game cancelled. Suck.

Live Blogging: Kickball

Live shot taken from the window of the team motorcade.

Live Blogging: Kickball

I suspect the inordinate amount of garlic in my last meal will work against me during tonight's midnight meeting with the vampires.

Live Blogging: Kickball

When it's 80 degrees with 90% humidity, it's best to wear all black.

15 June 2009

Travelogue: Starved Rock

Apparently, god is somewhere up there.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

Singing trees.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

For the record, the super hero version of me drives a Harley.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

pink toenails = summer

Travelogue: Starved Rock

Recovery drink. When you consume this with a hamburger and fries, you will regain your super powers and then you will be able to save the world.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

Yikes. Vertigo.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

This is LaSalle Canyon. There's a waterfall here. I'm gonna move into the inside of it. As you know, Alert Power Love Reader, the inside of waterfalls is where the magic happens.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

This exists naturally in nature. It is so real as to be unreal.

Travelogue: Starved Rock

On an unrelated note, I really like Billy Squier.

Travelogue: Sussex, WI

Roads like unfurled ribbons. The percussive breath of summer's breeze. Unrolled car windows. Pollen puffs floating like they never heard of gravity. Wildflowers exploding across blankets of grassy fields. The Who we won't get fooled again. Ice cold Coke in the cup holder.

14 June 2009

Road trip music: all classic rock, all the time: Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, Pat Benatar (!), Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin. The sun is hot and I'm in love with it.

Travelogue: Sussex, WI

Midwestern summer, you are a saucy minx. And breathlessly enchanting.

Travelogue: Dixon, IL

Life lessons, care of a sign in Rochelle, IL. Um, men in the world? Did you already know this?

13 June 2009

Travelogue: Dixon, IL

I drove west until I found the sun. It peeked out in DeKalb. By Dixon, it was furious. The statue in the yard of Reagan's boyhood home is indeed of a man. He's looking at corn kernels in his hand. He looks more like Walter Cronkite.

Travelogue: Dixon, IL

My Grama grew up in Dixon, IL. Apparently, a former president did as well. There is no museum dedicated to my Grama in Dixon. My Grama taught me the importance of big, sincere hugs. That deserves a museum.

08 June 2009

04 June 2009

Sometimes I think about the people I know, and I can't believe how lucky I am.


Did you know there is something called a triple play? There is.

Game Recap

They cheated.

Beer Dude

This is the beer dude.


This is the dude to bribe.


Here's the field. Where are the playas? Presumably, at the liquor store. Beer is the drink of champions.

Team Van

We're on our way to see the world-famous kickball team, Sweep the Leg Johnny, kill it in their next game. STLJ is the reigning champ of the kickball scene. Will tonight's game shoot them into stratospheric famosity? Yes.

Team Van

We're on our way to see the world-famous kickball team, Sweep the Leg Johnny, kill it in their next game. STLJ is the reigning champ of the kickball scene. Will tonight's game shoot them into stratospheric famosity? Yes.


Live blogging for tonight's kickball game is brought to you by PBR and Harold's House of Ham. We'll start our reporting with the lineups in just a few. Thanks for joining us.

This avocado is ripe because the sticker says so.

03 June 2009


This weekend, Team Power Love visited our estate in the country. Some people call this place "The Morton Arboretum." Of course, they are delusional.

Here is the rooftop of the south palace. This is where Team Power Love strategizes the impending world takeover. It's coming. You should get on our side now.

This is a pretty flower. She's sweeet, though she really loves her rum. Once she gets a few in her, look out. She's also a pool shark, which is confusing because she has no opposable thumbs.

This is the Maze Garden. When we encounter someone who is particularly onery, we stand them at the entrance and tell them there is a large bag of money at the other end. You really see a person's true colors when they're trapped inside a maze garden. Especially when they have allergies.

In case you're wondering, we here at Team Power Love have millions of bags of money. That's not a recession you're feeling, that's us sucking the money out of the country. We can do that. We're magic.

02 June 2009

Escape route.