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14 November 2008


We just spent all summer wearing garishly colored skin-tight lycra. And we weren't arrested.

We are hot tamales. Though I'm sick of the women objectifying us.

Kim has the coolest bike that was ever built.

08 November 2008


Walking east down Jackson, over the bridge, looking straight up and eyeballing the very top of the Sears Tower is interesting for the following reasons:
1. You end up crashing into other humans who, amazingly, become instantaneously annoyed when they get bumped into
2. You see the sky, which is amazing
3. The inverse vertigo effect causes a head rush much like being stoned, which makes crashing into the aforementioned annoyed humans totally worth it

07 November 2008


Everything on the East Coast is red.

Not really. My camera just took pictures of only red things. It has this thing for redheads, my camera. It's like, I point it at something not red--like the foam in the fountain in the square, which is white, and it won't click. But when we were in New Hampshire, it was all, clickety clickety clickety.

These trees are really red. You can't really see it in this picture, but that is because I am an ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHER, which is the cool arty thing to be nowadays, in case you were wondering. For the record, another cool thing about the East Coast is: THEY HAVE PAVED ROADS. This makes driving very easy. Excellent.

Serendipity Company Members: I spotted this awning. It was being used at the time, but I stole it anyway. Now, we have a tent for LOLLAPALOOZA! I mean, am I the very picture of fiscal responsibility OR WHAT???

06 November 2008

Do these blood clots make me look fat?

How 'bout now?

05 November 2008


Ok, obviously, the most important point to take note of after last night's historical election is the disturbing and repetitive use of the phrase an historical election. It's not an historical election. It's a historical election. Grammar snob much? Yes, thank you. Furthermore, after a few drinks, historical election sounds like...well, sounds like I am an adolescent with way too much time on my hands.


unyielding hope

04 November 2008


We arrive. Rosie is a cheerleader killer from space. Or else a shiney skull girl. I forget what we finally went with on that one. What matters is the glasses. For my costume, I am a hipster jagoff from Chicago who's wearing too many layers. It was a stretch, but I pulled it off.

Green. And, um, green.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. And me and Rosie being arty. The direction here was: Be arty. Go.

The direction here was: The moment right before you are about to puke. Go.

The direction here was: You are a celebrity and her body guard and you have just HAD IT with the paparazzi. Go.

The direction here was: You are in high school and the nose picker girl is talking to you; there's a possibility that you may be able to sit at the cool kids' table at lunch, but you won't know that until 6th period and right now it's 4th period. Go.

The direction here was: You are a muppet on steroids who has just discovered an overwhelming and passionate love for eating human heads. Go.

02 November 2008

Dear Alert Power Love Reader,
The other thing you should know about airports is, don't wear pants that are too big for you. This is because you will have to take off your belt when you go through security and when you don't wear a belt with pants that are too big for you, your pants will fall down.

Yours truly,
A Concerned Citizen

01 November 2008


If I had the downloady thing for my camera, I would be posting pictures of trees. The trees in New Hampshire are gorgeous right now. They are all yellow and gold and evergreen. Most importantly, many of the trees here are the most amazing shade of red. I have never in my life seen red this shade, this beautiful. It's like walking through a magical forest. But, you know, there are no talking unicorns.